Why Is Everyone Talking About Box Of Assorted Eclairs?

Why Is Everyone Talking About Box Of Assorted Eclairs?

Authored By vanita malhotra

Eclairs is made out of choux pastry and is popularly called pâté a choux as the baked buns or eclairs resemble small cabbage - choux in French. It is a integral part of French patisserie.

Let’s celebrate all occasion with some eclairs. Share some sweet treats with your family, friends and beloved . We’ve made a special gift to bring for the dessert lovers . A box of 5 assorted eclairs with seasoned fillings and glazes on top to let you enjoy various flavours.

All sorts of toppings can be used for choux pastry -fondant , ganache , praline paste or caramel . Craquelin has become popular over the last few years . This paste of flour butter and light brown sugar is rolled out as thinly as possible , chilled in freezer and cut into shapes , which are the placed on choux buns and eclairs before being baked . As for filling , vanilla , chocolate , coffee or caramel flavoured pastry cream are traditional for filling , but you can experiment with any other flavour of your choice like pistachio or mango passion fruit flavour.

In this box of assorted eclair box you will find -

⁃ Vanilla eclair
Chocolate eclair
⁃ Coffee eclair
⁃ Caramel eclair
⁃ Mango passion fruit eclair

In this box of assorted eclairs you will find -

Vanilla Eclair 

this is a classic eclair at its best . Traditional choux pastry filled with vanilla creme patisserie and topped with a white vanilla glaze . A classic not to be missed.

Chocolate Eclair

 Delicious and intense , our chocolate eclairs are filled with delicious , smooth chocolate pastry cream , chunks of chocolate Feuillet praline, topped with a silky shiny chocolate glaze and cocoa powder. A great taste for all chocolate lovers.

Cappuccino Eclair

The cappuccino eclairs is filled with coffee caramel custard cream, topped with a coffee glaze. To enhance the coffee taste the glaze is made using coffee. The glaze is decorated with thin chocolate lines.

Caramel Eclair

 A delightful caramel eclair filled with caramel pastry cream and topped with caramel glaze decorated with a few caramel crunchy pearls. A great explosion of flavours to satisfy your taste buds.

Mango Passion Fruit 

 Mango and passion fruit éclair gives an intense fruity flavour to the box. It is filled with mango cream and covered with a passion fruit glaze made with passion fruit purée to enhance the taste.

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