Viennoiserie Box a Perfect Choice For a Weekend

Viennoiserie Box a Perfect Choice For a Weekend

Authored By vanita malhotra

A good hearty breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Because our bodies have been without food for 10 hours or so, our brains need sugar. Breakfast can be a welcome opportunity to enjoy sweets. A good breakfast spread consists of a variety of baked stuff, eggs and Danish pastries. The word viennoiserie comes from Vienna, the capital of Austria, a city long associated with fine baked products. The famous croissants were first made in Vienna and then became popular in France. In Germany, you can have a breakfast sweet called the Berliner,  which have a round shape and no hole, but basically they are made out of the same pastry dough. And in France , you will naturally want  to try the croissant. Fresh out of the oven, their taste and crispness are found nowhere else and plain or topped with almond cream or butter or marmalade they are a wonderful breakfast treat.

The French chef have strived to come up with new creations. Many of the French pastries are international in their appeal. Who has never heard of a flaky , buttery croissant,  a pain au chocolates, which child does not love pain au chocolat, the world’s best excuse to start the day with chocolat? The almond croissant, the Fruit Danish, the Cinnamon raisin swirl- when these pastries are made well, everybody likes these . That is what makes them classics.

We have choosen these French Classics and put them into a box called Viennoiserie Box. We have tried to bring to you the most best , popular breakfast pastries , so that you can enjoy the taste of France right at home.

Our Viennoiserie Box consists of assorted pastries- Butter croissant, Almond croissant, Fruit Danish, Cinnamon raisin swirl( pain aux raisin ), Chocolate croissant (pain au chocolat ) , Brioche Feuillette(laminated brioche )and a German Berliner.

Brioche Feuillette- Brioche is a sweet yeast raised dough that is just the right balance between a sweet pastry and bread. Brioche meand blessed bread, a perfect name because of its light airy texture and buttery flavor. Brioche is bready enough to justify eating it with our morning coffee and when we do it’s like eating a buttery sweet dessert for breakfast. The ideal is to eat it freshly baked, topped with soft butter and homemade jam. This particular version is further laminated with French Butter and hence it is called Brioche Feuillette- meaning laminated dough in which there are alternate turns of butter and dough , resulting in several layers of this sheets of dough. When baked, these sheets separate out making it flaky and crispy .

Butter , Chocolate and Almond CroissantCroissants combine the pleasure of puff pastry layers of butter and dough with that of yeasted bread. The result of this combination is the incredible breakfast pastry that everybody loves-flaky on the outside, moist on the  inside. Even though you know you’re eating a lot of butter, when you eat a croissant , you cannot resist. The choice of butter is crucial . We use French butter . Croissants are the best breakfast pastry. 

The chocolate croissant (pain au chocolat ) is filled with chocolate sticks, rolled and baked. The Almond croissant are handcrafted croissants filled with almond cream, sprinkled and topped with toasted almond flakes , guaranteed to create an exponential  excitement in your palette. Get the coffee going….it won’t be long until breakfast.

The fruit Danish is also a cousin of croissant . It is made out of croissant dough, but shaped interestingly different to give a diamond shaped pasty, filled with pastry cream , raspberry jam an topped with peach halves. The taste is amazing , you cannot stop at one .

Cinnamon raisin swirl(pain aux raisins) is one of the most hot selling breakfast pastry found in all the shelves of the French pastry shops.. Layered with pastry cream , topped with plump raisin, rolled out in cinnamon flavored brown sugar, rolled like a log , cut into pieces and the baked . This combination tastes heavenly.

German Berliner- It is difficult to resist a warm, freshly baked beignets or German Berliner, filled with raspberry jam. These made with yeasted  brioche dough and proffed , fried and filled with raspberry jam , rolled in cinnamon flavoured brown sugar. 

Our Viennosierie Box is full of flavor , taste and goodness. Do give it a try.


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