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The Coco Company is created out of passion and set out to serve the best of authentic and artisanal baked products at honest prices. Started by Mrs. Vanita Malhotra in 2015 the bakery is a representation of her love towards the artistry and her dream to make people happy through the same. The Coco Company thrives on the motto of delivering fresh products in various varieties; whether it’s breads, cookies or cakes you’d always find the element of love served through our traditional baking methods.

The Coco Company has come a long way since 2015 and has gained a lot over the years; the increase in their loyal customers is one of the reasons why the bakery shares a discount for people who constantly appreciate the products. In 2018 we also received the award of “The Best Bakery” in People’s Choice. This justifies our values of building a brand entirely upon the idea of giving back. Mrs. Malhotra appreciates people who let her add happiness into their memorable celebrations by providing a range of wholesome food, be it sweet or savory.

She believes that baking is one part of her job, rest revolves around learning constantly through her team, her customers and most importantly through experimenting with fresh ingredients.

With changing seasons you will always find different variety of products floating on the menu. The fruits and veggies that are in season will always be a part of our ever-changing viennoiseries.

We believe in bringing back the nostalgic element of baking with an array of unique products, Through The Coco Company we wish to serve you only the best with a touch of happiness. To know more about our products and upcoming offers follow our social media pages and drop by our outlet to choose from a selection of scrumptious delights

Our Team

Ms. Vanita Malhotra ( Founder )

After 19 years of working as a teacher, I decided to resign as one and to follow my passion. That’s when, in the year of 2015, The Coco Company was born. I wanted to bring authentic French Pastry and artisan breads and chocolates to India at an affordable price, such that people could enjoy what they were missing out on. Bakery, in India was restricted to mainstream cakes and pastries. It was a rare sight to see people devouring authentic French pastries, only in a 5 star hotel or in a shop with exorbidant prices. My aim through The Coco Company is to bring the true and genuine desserts and savoury to the Indian market. I aim on curating the menu, by personal experimentation and coming up with things of the best of quality, that intrigue people and make them want to try them out, all at the same time. I want to make people in India, accustomed to the bona fide French desserts and chocolates.

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The Coco Company Team

The Coco Team



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