How to Buy the Real Chocolate

How to Buy the Real Chocolate

Authored By vanita malhotra

Real Chocolate

Have you ever realized why one finds a difference in the pricing of chocolate gift pack box sold during festive season? Well, that is because of the quality of chocolates used.

Chocolates are graded as per the percentage of cocoa butter content and are of two types - couverture and compound. People are not able to differentiate between the two unless tasted back to back.

Couverture chocolates are considered to be superior, healthier because they contain a good quality of cocoa butter (more than 32%) as compared to compound which contains vegetable fat.

 Couverture is the name given to a certain class of high-quality chocolate.

 All chocolate bars contain many of the same base ingredients- cocoa solids, cocoa butter, sugar, and perhaps additives like vanilla, soy , or milk powder. Couverture chocolate, unlike regular chocolate, is ground to a finer texture during the production process and contains a greater percentage of cocoa butter relative to the other ingredients. These two differences produce a superior flavour and texture that makes couverture the preferred chocolate for tempering and enrobing truffles, pralines, bonbons, and other fine candies.

This cocoa butter content gives the chocolate a shine, a better snap while breaking and a creamy texture with a good mouth feel, hence making it healthier and an antidepressant.

 Using Couverture Chocolate

Couverture is ideal for tempering and dipping, and this is where it really shines. Use it in any chocolate recipe where you want a coating with a deep chocolate flavour, a beautiful shine, and a healthy "snap" when you bite into the candy. Use it to make chocolate bars, cover truffles, or make clusters or barks.

Can you bake with coverture? It depends. Since it contains a greater percentage of cocoa butter, it might behave differently in recipes that call for melted chocolate, like cakes or brownies. The different proportions of fat to sugar and cocoa solids might be a problem, depending on the recipe. In most cases, it's best to bake with chocolate intended for baking and save the couverture for dipping.

So, next time when you go shopping for chocolates, look or ask for the cocoa butter content.

Buy the real chocolate because real chocolate is healthy chocolat


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